Conditions and features of accreditation of trainers from European Nile University

Conditions and features of accreditation of trainers from European Nile University

Trainers who are looking for excellence and find in themselves the ability and competence to achieve the accreditation requirements of the European Nile University, can now apply for international accreditation and documents indicating that the accreditation requirements are met will be examined as well as the evaluation of performance efficiency.

The European Nile University offers many unique advantages among international organizations working in this field according to a distinct vision to support the development of trainers:

  • International Certified Trainer's Card Awarded by European Nile University
  • Certification of International Certified Trainer from Nile European University
  • The possibility of obtaining internationally certified certificates from the European Nile University with a verification code linked to the university site
  • Trainer's training certificates can be obtained directly from the European Nile University.
  • The possibility of certifying certificates issued by the European Nile University from the British Foreign Office as well as the United States Foreign Office.
  • Introducing the trainer via the European Nile University website as a competitive advantage against competitors in the labour market.
  • Insert the name of the trainer from the trainer's manual certified by the European Nile University.
  • Use accredited trainers to conduct training courses under the auspices of the Zewel Centre whenever possible.
  • Special 25% discount on training course fees held by Zwell Training Center, exclusive agent of Nile European University
  • Create links between trainers and business owners to share experiences and provide training opportunities.
  • Special discount to attend the annual conference events, activities, seminars, training courses and trips.
  • Develop individual skills and develop functional and managerial performance to learn about everything that is new and useful.
  • Marketing training programs on the official page of the Zewail Training Center with a discount exceeding 50%.
  • 40% discount to advertise on the official website of the Zewail Training Center.
  • Provide a special discount on references and books from major publishing houses.
  • Provide all training programs from which a qualification can be obtained (Bachelor's Degree Master's Degree -Ph.D.).

Trainer accreditation procedures:

  • Meet trainers' general data to be an international certified trainer
  • Upload all official and supporting documents for the data.
  • Download the instructor's profile.
  • Completing an instructor's accreditation application via the website.
  • After examining and reviewing the competent committee, the approval or notification of the points of non-conformity with the accreditation requirements shall be given.
  • Payment of fees is made and the documents indicative thereof are sent.
  • Certification and certification will be granted after sufficient evidence is available to comply with the standards.
  • The trainer remains certified for one year from the date of issuance in accordance with the validity of the certification.
  • Once accredited, the trainer is listed on the official website of the Zewell Training Center as the exclusive agent of the Nile European University
  • To renew the accreditation, an annual review will be conducted to ensure the continuity of the trainer's compliance with the standards.