advantages of accreditation from European Nile University

Accreditation of training bodies:

A certificate of accreditation is granted to training centres of all kinds, private sector, public sector or NGOs that wish to benefit from the activities and activities of the European Nile University and enjoy special privileges that distinguish them from others.We must recognize that it is not easy to obtain an accredited center certificate.

If you are looking for quick achievements, we fear that you will be in an inappropriate place, all applicants for accreditation from the Nile European University must undergo a comprehensive review process, which may take a processing period before obtaining accreditation. However, we promise to support anyone who wants to obtain accreditation through guidance and guidance.

Certificates of accreditation of training bodies:

Once the Training Center has obtained certification and certification from the European Nile University, you are a distinguished training center

Because you have:

  • A means of impartial and specialized assessment and recognition in the field.
  • Emphasize to customers the efficiency and ability to provide training services.
  • Ensure the quality of the training process according to local and international standards.
  • Audit on quality management systems and qualifications of trainers and managers.

Features of accreditation of training bodies:

As an accredited training center, you will be able to benefit from our valuable range of services that contribute to the development of your business. It provides you with a competitive advantage and entrenches customer confidence. It also provides a good opportunity to promote and familiarize the center with everything that is new and useful in the field of management. The benefits of accreditation can be summarized below:

  • The possibility of certification directly from the European Nile University, which represents the world's largest accreditation force.
  • Certificates can be documented by the British Foreign Office and then by the Embassy of any country in the world and thereafter by the Foreign Ministry.
  • Certificates can be documented by the United States Bureau of Justice as well as the United States Foreign Office.
  • The possibility of issuing internationally certified certificates with a verification code linked to the European Nile University website.
  • The possibility of issuing internationally accredited certificates from the zewail Training Center, exclusive agent of the Nile European University in Egypt for training programs in various fields.
  • Obtaining your status to meet the standards of accreditation of training bodies.
  • accreditation.he name of the training center is
  • International accreditation of your centre's trainers in accordance with the criteria for accreditation at reduced fees.
  • Ability to extract trainers' carnets at certified training centers.
  • Provide all training programmes from which a qualification can be obtained (Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree, PhD, European Nile University).
  • Providing opportunities for the implementation of training courses through the contracts of the European Nile University.
  • Grant two free membership to employees and enjoy the benefits of membership.
  • Provide a special discount on references and books from major publishing houses.
  • Provide integrated training bags with special discount.
  • Provide certified trainers specializing in different fields.
  • Marketing training programs on the official page of the Zoel Training Center with a discount of more than 50%.
  • 40% Off Advertising on the Official Website of Zoel Training Center Exclusive Agent of Nile European University
  • Continuous communication and provision of the latest training programs and activities.
  • Free attendance at two conferences organized by the European Nile University.

Not only this but there are other advantages for each center according to the regulations and laws of the Zewail Training Center

Procedures for accreditation of training bodies:
  • Update the general data of the training body on the fact that it is a member of the Aruba Nile University and its agent in Egypt Zewail Training Center.
  • Upload all official and supporting documents for the data.
  • Upload a profile and images of the function to the entity.
  • Complete the application for accreditation of a training authority via the website.
  • Once you have informed us that all requirements have been met, you may be scheduled to visit and check.
  • After examining and reviewing the competent committee, the approval or notification of the points of non-conformity shall be given.
  • Payment of fees is made and the documents indicative thereof are sent.
  • Certification and certification will be granted after sufficient evidence is available to comply with the standards.
  • The Centre shall remain accredited for one year from the date of issuance in accordance with the validity of the certification.
  • Once accredited, the Center is listed on the official website of the European Nile University To renew the accreditation, an annual review will be carried out to ensure the continuity of the Centre's compliance with the required standards.