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European Nile University

The European Nile University was established as an academic scientific university in all science disciplines Registered in the United Kingdom with higher education in London Approved and licensed by the British Government under licence No. 15297817 From the British Parliament and the British Emedist The British Commonwealth Accredited and Online Education System

Introduction to the University:

The European Nile University, as an academic and professional scientific university in all disciplines of humanities and science, was established with the accreditation of London's local higher education in the United Kingdom and is included in its International Directory No. 15297817.


85320 - Technical and vocational secondary education.

85410 - Non-tertiary higher secondary education.

85421 - First-class higher education.

85422 - Higher education at postgraduate level.

The University adopts an online and urban education system.

Nile European University was established out of the need to integrate students into the European level of education and to make a link between Arab and Western levels of education to reach the best ways of learning and to provide the greatest opportunities for learning by modern scientific and technological means that combine Western progress and Arab originality, taking into account the continuous development and technological progress Which the university relies on in its teaching to graduate students and researchers who are able to enter the labor market at all scientific and professional levels and achieve international quality levels.

Therefore, the university seeks to graduate scientific cadres capable of challenging the obstacles of the future, by providing a scientific framework and academic and professional guidance that enriches scientific research, and secures a dignified life that contributes to the development of human societies. In light of the establishment of new and advanced systems in the field of education and training, in cooperation with scientific and research institutions, to reach the best learning methods, especially in the technological and information fields.

University message

  1. Sophistication, excellence and building a generation that matches development and modernity.
  2. Providing educational and training services of the highest quality.
  3. Providing the labor market with elements capable of dealing with advanced technologies, and working on the continuous development of the educational environment.

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  1. Nile European University aims to be the most important scientific institution in the world, by creating an educational model capable of providing technical and technological levels aimed at developing the intellectual level of students and qualifying them in line with scientific progress and sustainable development, in light of the establishment of new and advanced scientific systems that suit societal transformations. Continuous, changing levels of science and knowledge
  2. Paying attention to university education at all its theoretical and applied levels, to create a new generation capable of influencing society through its scientific, research and professional contributions.
  3. Qualifying students scientifically to be the nucleus of a civilized society, through various programs that allow students to benefit from the various cognitive sciences offered by the university.
  4. Updating and developing school curricula in accordance with international quality standards in order to achieve sustainable development in the university education and scientific research system, while qualifying students and developing their ability to innovate, scientific and cognitive creativity, and achieving scientific resources capable of leadership at all levels.
  5. Assisting large and start-up institutions, factories and companies in rehabilitating their technical cadres and employees, as well as all workers, and contributing to the development of workers’ various skills in various scientific and professional fields.
  6. about.Facilitate learning for students by

University Vision

Nile European University seeks to be one of the most important international universities at the global level, in the ranks of advanced universities, and to have a high academic rating.

University study system

First: Nile European University is distinguished by its two systems of education
  1. Direct education at the main university headquarters, where the student can choose the study system that he will study at the university, and this gives him the right to choose between direct education on the university campus and receiving lectures directly, and virtual education through the university’s electronic platform.
  2. Remote study (online) through audio rooms with a system (Zoom, and other available programs), through which lectures are broadcast live, audio and video, and allows the presentation of educational boards written in front of students, which allows interaction with the teacher, dialogue and discussion, and also allows monitoring students time remote testing; The university also allows the use of other means of receiving lectures, such as (WhatsApp and Telegram), and other available electronic means that make it easier for the student to receive his lectures and interact with faculty members, where the student receives lectures online at specific hours according to the study program. For exams through an electronic program prepared for that.
  3. There is also open education, which allows the student, after he is officially registered at the university, to receive his courses in addition to the means of clarification through written, audio and visual explanations, and the exam is optional either through the electronic platform or a traditional exam on the university campus.

The university relies for its teaching on the Arabic and English languages, and offers the finest curricula approved by the advanced Arab and foreign universities.

Third: Academic years at the university:

The academic year consists of two semesters:

  1. The first semester: its duration is from three to four months, and it includes study and exams.
  2. The second semester: its duration is from three to four months, and it includes study and exams.

Summer vacation, in which training programs are prepared, as well as a date for the second round exams for students who did not pass the first round.

Stop cuff the study

pulling out From Established or more:if Withdraw requester From Established or more the university re for him Fee if It was pulling out within first week From record it in scheduled, distance this is Duration no right for the student recovery fees scheduled, is being pulling out From the University Building on me Request presents it requester to me Management Affairs the students, Where Prepare requester distance approval on me his request withdrawing From the University, and write down Next to its name in records the University(withdrawal From the University under the demand number… Date…), and grants documents own with it. also

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Entry conditions at university

Allows University Nile European admissions to study distance completion requester stages school primary and get it on me high school the public, to enter in Stage BSC then Masters and PhD.

Bachelor's stage:

distance get requester on me high school the public Become qualified to study in the University to get on me Degree BSC or Bachelor's degree, Where Presents requester leaves required to join at university represented by with testimony high school the public and testimony Birth and the card Personal or Passport(that is found), and picture Character, In addition to form admissions that get up packaged to join at university, And yet Availability Conditions Enrollment Become requester qualified to study at university, Where get up to pay Fee assessed until Gets on me approval Final by joining for university and get on me Carneh the college that It was completed her choice, and start studying out; If It was completed Submit informations False during proces Presentation will lead to me Cancellation admissions.

Master's level:

crown the University Enrollment requester program Masters distance get it on me Degree BSC or Bachelor's degree From self the University or Which University Other Accredited, Where Gets requester on me year study scheduled(preliminary Master's)or does register Theme field Specialization, its duration year From Date Register met him extensible.

no intervention Materials complementary for the year introductory in account requirements masters, and condition Success In which he is same Conditions Success in Material the college, that no say Degree requester In which About(60%)Nor intervention in the average cumulative for the program.

join requester year study complementary it's called Diploma in Specialization desired if It was achieved on me BSC or Bachelor's degree appreciated Acceptable, And yet get it on me Degree Good in diploma, can for him Enrollment per year introductory for master.

and presents requester leaves the following to join Master's degree:

  1. picture certified From certificate BSC or Bachelor's degree.
  2. a statement grades for years school Bachelor's degree or Bachelor's degree.

if It was advanced he have certificate BA or Bachelor's degree in specialty a certain and desires Access in area else Different he can Register in a program Masters on condition that He studies Materials complementary required from him Before Material Masters and done Selection Materials complementary From decisions the college according to Section that wish Sign up in it, and the same command applicable on me Stage PhD.

PhD stage:

crown the University Enrollment requester program PhD distance get it on me Degree Masters From self the University or Which University Other Accredited, Where Gets requester on me year study scheduled(preliminary PhD), or does register Theme field direct specialization, its duration two years From Date Register met him extensible.

no intervention Materials complementary for the year introductory in account requirements PhD, and condition Success In which he is same Conditions Success in Material the college, that no say Degree requester In which About(60%)Nor intervention in the average cumulative for the program.

and presents requester leaves the following to join PhD

  1. picture certified From certificate BSC or Bachelor's degree revealed grades.
  2. picture certified From certificate Masters
  3. a statement grades per year introductory for master

Entry clauses:

system of equations

The equivalency is for certificates or subjects studied at other universities, colleges or educational centers recognized by Nile European University. The following documents are required to be sent to complete the equivalency process:

An equation can be made for the owners of scientific experience and the owners of books and scientific theses.It is required to send the following documents to complete the equivalency process

The documents are presented to a special equivalency committee called (the equivalency committee). Either the documents are accepted without a test for the student, or a test is held for the student at the university headquarters, or an equivalency syllabus is studied, as deemed by the equivalency committee.

international conventions

Which displays the university's agreements and protocols with other universities and scientific institutions worldwide.

Promotions and scientific ranks:

Nile European University announces the opening of the door for job promotions, ranks and academic titles from inside and outside the university) according to the university’s rules and conditions.

Faculties and programs of the university (departments and scientific disciplines):

- The university containsninetheoretical faculties; In addition to the academic programs of each college (conferences - seminars - workshops).

University credits

The European Nile University was established as an academic and professional university in all disciplines of humanities and sciences, accrediting local higher education in London in the United Kingdom and listed in its international directory No. 15297817.

It is registered on the British government website via the link


The university also depends The following education system:

85320 - Technical and vocational secondary education.

85410 - Post-secondary, non-higher education

85421 - First Class Higher Education

85,422 Higher education at the postgraduate level

Other credits provided by the university (with additional fees):

Studying at the university includes a bachelor's system and education at the postgraduate level (diploma, master's and doctorate), in addition to secondary, vocational and technical education.

Credits that accredit university degrees:

Commonwealth Foundation:

The Commonwealth Foundation is an intergovernmental organization, supported and reported to by Commonwealth governments, and guided by the values and priorities of the Commonwealth. Its mandate to strengthen civil society is to achieve the Commonwealth's priorities embodied in democracy and good governance, respect for human rights and gender equality, poverty eradication, sustainable people-centered development, and the promotion of arts and culture.


The UK supports the Commonwealth's work in promoting democracy, the rule of law, good governance and human rights, as well as the Commonwealth's work on economics and development. The United Kingdom is one of the 52 sovereign and independent countries that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations, and one of the largest contributors to it. The Foreign Office's direct contributions (contributions) to the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Commonwealth Foundation, and the Joint Office of Smaller States (in New York) amounted to £4,269,862. Other ministries (International Development, Trade and Industry) also contribute, including to the Commonwealth Education Authority based in Vancouver (Canada). The Secretariat, the Foundation and the Commission constitute the 'official' arms of the Commonwealth of Nations. The UK also actively supports the 'informal' actors in the Commonwealth. There are many Commonwealth NGOs (civil society groups) based in the United Kingdom.

The modern Commonwealth of Nations includes about a third of the world's countries, and the peoples of these countries together number 1.7 billion people, making up a quarter of the world's population. The 53 Commonwealth countries represent some of the richest countries in the world, some of the poorest as well, as well as some of the largest countries in the world and some of the smallest. 34 of the 53 member states of the Commonwealth are classified as small states (mostly island states with populations of 1.5 million or less)

The number of member states in this British Commonwealth Union is fifty-three, which are:
and the Bahamas and Australia and Barbuda Antigua
and Kenya Fiji and Brunei and Bangladesh
and Kiribati Ghana and Canada and Barbados
And Lesotho and Grenada and Cyprus Belize
and Malawi and Jamaica and Dominica and Botswana
and Pakistan and Nauru and Namibia Malaysia
Papua New Guinea and New Zealand and Mauritius and the Maldives
Saint Kitts and Nevis and Nigeria and Mozambique and Malta
and Singapore Seychelles and grenadine Saint Lucia
and Solomon Islands sierra leone samoa Saint Vincent
and Tobago and Tonga and Swaziland Sri Lanka
and TUV and Trinidad and tanzania and South Africa
and Zambia Vanuatu and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Uganda

British Apostille:

It is an international treaty drafted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law. It specifies the modalities by which a document issued in one signatory country can be legalized for legal purposes in all other signatories. Such ratification is called adequate ratification. It is an international attestation similar to the documentation in domestic law and usually complements the domestic notarization of the document.

The signatory countries to the Apostille Convention The following is a list showing the names of the signatory countries to the Apostille Convention:
Bulgaria Bosnia and Herzegovina Barbados Andorra Albania
Burundi Brazil Belarus he two seas Antigua.
green head Botswana Belgium Bahamas Argentina.
Chile Brunei Darussalam Belize Azerbaijan Armenia
China(Macau) China(Hong Kong) Bolivia Austria Australia
Grenada France dominican republic Cyprus Colombia
Germany North Macedonia Ecuador Czech Republic Cook Islands
Greece Finland El Salvador Denmark Costa Rica
Georgia Fiji Estonia Dominica Croatia
Venezuela Uruguay Guyana Guatemala
Vanuatu Uzbekistan United States of America northern Ireland about.United Kingdom of Great Britain
Slovakia Turkey. Ukraine. Trinidad South Africa
Tonga Africa Africa Africa Africa
Tonga Switzerland: Suriname Singapore Seychelles island.
and Sweden Serbia Slovenia Spain Tobago
India about.Ireland Iceland Hungary Honduras
Marshall Islands Lithuania Latvia Republic of Korea(South Korea) phalastin
Mauritius Luxembourg. about.Lesotho Kosovo. Italia.
Mexico Malawi Liberia. Kyrgyzstan Jamaica
Monaco Malta Liechtenstein Kazakhstan Japan
about.Holland Niue Norway Nicaragua Mongolia
Morocco Namibia Amman New Zealand. Montenegro.
Romania Republic of Moldova. Poland. Peru. Panama.
Saint Kitts and Nevis Russian Federation Portugal. The Philippines. Paraguay.
and Principe Swaziland Samoa. Tajikistan Saint Lucia.
Tunisia Sao Tome San Saint
Marino. Grenadines Vincent

Accreditation service for international colleges:

Accreditation service for international colleges...(ASIC)in english: Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and UniversitiesIt is an accreditation body for universities and institutes recognized by the UK Government. It operates under the supervision of the Office of Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills, the Institution of Education and Social Services in Britain of the British Ministry of Education. Created to improve independent universities in the UK. closedASICNearly 20 fake universities registered in the UK. This body was established in 2007 under the request of the British Ministry of Immigration to control and supervise independent universities and institutes in Britain, which help students obtain a British visa, so the British government agreed to 7 institutions for academic accreditation, including the accreditation service for international colleges(ASIC)

In 2009, the International Colleges Accreditation Service(ASIC)Monitoring more than 300 universities in Britain at the request of the British government.

In 2013, in cooperation with the British Embassy in Thailand, it provided an accreditation service for international colleges(ASIC)Its services to Thai universities in order to obtain a European-recognized accreditation

Currently, there are more than 260 universities in Britain accredited by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges(ASIC)More than 80 universities around the world.

Accreditation in the Arab world:

Kingdom Saudi Arabia:

Jazan University suggested to the advisory body of the Ministry of Higher Education (Saudi Arabia) that it follow the example of some accredited international bodies, such as the Accreditation Service for International Colleges(ASIC)In the development of education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,In 2011, King Abdulaziz University - College of Business in Rabigh applied for the accreditation of the Accreditation Service for International Colleges(ASIC)I came close to getting it.

The Republic of Iraq:

Likewise, the University of Tikrit in Iraq obtained the National University of Iraq in Basra.


And the Swiss Open University - the Arab Department in Switzerland


and the European College in Kuwait.

To whom:

And Limkok Wing University of Creative Technology in Yemen to accredit the accreditation service for international colleges(ASIC).


Today, Dr. Mohamed Othman Elkhosht, President of Cairo University, announced that the Faculty of Agriculture had obtained international academic and institutional accreditation from the British CommissionASICAfter a team of experts from the British Authority evaluated all the activities and applied practices of the college by analyzing the institutional reality in accordance with the approved standards..

Accreditation service for international colleges(ASIC)belong toaThe Office of Standards in Education will benefit the services of children and their skills responsible for education and services in Britain and of the Ministries of Education and Immigration in Britain.

Organizational Chart

University Council Administ rative departments academic affairs Scientific Research Students Affairs faculty of school University services societal University faculties
University's president Legala dvice Colleges and institutes research regulati ons Student Services Services and facilities Units and Centers university news
VicePresident of the University financial affairs University decisions research projects Expatriate Services upgrades General project management News colleges
Board of Trustees Communication and info Postgraduate Programs Scientific Journals Student Activities Travel and cultural exchange recruitment unit Important events
Deans of colleges Personnel Affairs Undergraduate programs Libraries Scholarships and training Member profile Activities and Events statistics
General supervision of departments Academic Services Scientific Research Awards Student care and safety safety and health protocols